Aron Ramos

Aron Ramos Fundador CEO do Instituto Res

Aron Ramos, 37 years old. Married, 4 children, born in the North Zone of SP. Created by the maternal grandmother, Dade. The mother, Dona Dinha, worked hard to take care of her children and provide a minimum living condition for him and his sister.

We are a family owned and operated business.

At the age of 12, with the absence of his father, a great revolt was generated in his heart, which was demonstrated through aggression with friends and schoolmates and this led him to be expelled from more than 7 schools in the region.

At one of these schools, he met a person, the leader of one of the mouths of drugs in the favela, who became his best friend. This opened the door to drugs, and at the age of 15 he was already involved in drug trafficking, drug use and petty theft.

At the age of 16, he had a daughter, it moved him a lot, but he continued to live in drug trafficking and addiction. But, little by little he started to see life in a different way. But it was a long 4 years, until at 20, according to him, he had an experience with God that led him to take a radical turn in his life.

"O Aron é uma inspiração e uma referência dentro da Rede Gerando Falcões. As chaves das favelas da Zona Norte estão nas mãos dele"
- Edu Lyra

It cut 100% its link with drugs and trafficking and from there it started to rise.

He started working as a repository on March 25, focused on his dreams of having a beautiful family, children and a house with a hot shower. He graduated from college and worked at 4 multinationals (this was part of his dreams).

At the age of 30, ten years after his radical turn, he had already managed to fulfill all his dreams and be sure that willpower, determination and resilience were the ingredients to be able to change his life.

Today, he is CEO of Instituto Resgatando Vidas, with work carried out in the Communities: Odassi Nazzalli, Sucupira, Flamengo and Jhow. In addition to being a motivational speaker and themes related to volunteering, a culture of giving, social entrepreneurship and life testimony where he tells his story and gives tips on how not to lose his gas during the journey.

Her biggest dream is to see lives transformed. Rescue them from the drug underworld, from marginality, encourage, help and teach them to rescue their dreams.

His motto is “Run after your dreams because you can achieve it! With a lot of faith, work, dedication and focus ”

You have the opportunity to rescue lives in your hands.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The projects developed by Instituto Resgatando lives depend on people and companies, who, like you, are good and want to be part of the solution to the problem.

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